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Leading California with Exceptional Commercial Solar, Renewable and Energy Storage Solutions

Experience and a track record of success is everything. And with an impressive 2 GW of installed solar and a Top Solar Contractor ranking from Solar Power International, Baker is recognized as a world-class provider of renewable energy. Delivering technically advanced Commercial and Utility-Scale Solar and Energy Storage solutions to business, non-profits, military, education, utilities, and others, Baker also provides its clients with the benefits of streamlined operations and technically advanced maintenance.

Our Clients:

What We Do:

Energy Storage

Using advanced battery technology, Baker is providing the benefits energy storage to businesses and organizations across Southern California. Batteries can reduce peak demand and time-of-use energy costs while leveraging the advantages of producing, storing and maximizing the use of your own power.



Baker ensures optimal continuous solar power production, with advanced thermography panel scans. Performed at regular intervals, these thermal inspections can prevent power yield loss and keep energy costs at a minimum.