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Hudson Printing is a full-service digital and grand-format print provider in Carlsbad, California. Their industrial print machines were extreme energy consumers and this was reflected in their monthly electric bills. Going solar was an obvious solution to mitigate these expenses.

For Jim, it was important to partner with a company who shares his values for efficiency, high-quality products and outstanding service. Furthermore, since Baker is uniquely equipped to provide custom renewable energy solutions and financing options to its clients, Hudson was able to choose the best financing option to meet their needs.

Jim Fairweather, President of Hudson printing explains, “We were paying on average about $4000 per month for electricity. Since we’ve gone solar our bills are now in the $200-300 per month range. Over 10 years, the panels will be paid for, and then going forward we get free power.”

“We looked at several different companies to do our solar panels. Baker just seemed like they were just a step above. They had an amazing team of specialists, and great financing programs. The whole process was so easy. We were up and running quickly and with no capital expenditure.”

Hudson Printing Specs

Location: Carlsbad, CA
Number of Panels: 192
System Size: 69.12 KW
Energy Cost Savings: $44,000 annually